Sunday, March 4, 2012

...and so we were 6!

Yesterday was a profound day...we laughed this morning reflecting on the conversations from policies regarding inappropriate fellatio discussions to marijuana consumption. But the realities behind these conversations are what matter, I understand how the establishment and development of policies is governed by so many more variables than initially thought, they include ideas, like group belonging, influence, access to real information, consensus, problems, and more. Additionally the Goals of equity, security, and liberty were shared by my colleagues through their presentations. I really enjoyed hearing the analogies they shared.

Other additional topics  I really appreciated and look forward to learning more about, include...
1. Glassers 5 basic needs and their need to be the foundation of all programs!
2. Aristotle's concept of the Golden Mean and virtue  I am looking forward to learning more about.
3. A bbrilliant story about establishing new AP Eco standards and increasing student enrollment with training was shared by Dr. M about being an effective administrator.
4. Purpose of School Board members is to hold schools, teachers, principals and administrators accountable for policy and part of the bureaucratic process.

Thank you, for sharing... this knowledge  shared is profound and certainly will add to my continued future as a leader.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

The morning after...ORIGINAL

Found the original beginnings, let me share this considering with every minute in class the thoughts sway...
So here we are on Saturday morning March 4th...March 4th, sounds pretty surprising that we are already in the final weekend of this class with Dr. M. The shared philosophies of his teaching are interesting to here from someone who has been there and done it in a manner for one of the few times consistent with my thoughts. The understanding of what excellence needs to be in education from effective leaders to inspiring and caring teacher and personnel are essential for our students. I listen to the stories of Derrick, Rebecca, Malasia, Gerry, Chris, Pat and others in the class regarding their lives and children understanding that WE are the future leaders and the members of education that are needed to change to structure and ensure success for all does occur. But I am also pessimistic that this desire and realization will become a reality.

Saturday morning...4th class

For the 2nd time since the first didn't here we are in the morning of our 5th class. I am disappointed because for one of the first times on my doctoral hunt and career I am hearing many sound philosophical words of wisdom that are congruent from Dr. M. Understanding how education should be and what is is are often contradictory ideas. I appreciate policy and pedagogy but at the end of the day, real change and for the betterment of our students is what is the essence of our work. I love to teach am at a constant strife of why we don't have better teacher sin education. We have a luxury in our career choice to get to share something that we intrinsically find fascinating. Yes there are parameters that govern how we have to show success, whether they be standardized test, Regents exams, Board of Education initiatives, state mandate, and others...but at the essence of what we do is teaching young minds knowledge we have and they aspire for. Yeah right, some do not... but if we can make it relevant in their lives and offer some autonomy in their selection of learning, they WILL learn and WANT to learn!

Yesterday we spoke about policy changes to increase boredom and methods of the revised APPR plan that will hopefully ensure more successful educators. Most importantly it is my responsibility as a building leader to guide and be effective in guiding what is right and wrong for kids! Don't forget it and understand that often it is thankless but essential!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday night...4th class

To be a successful school you have to look back and begin earlier on in grades and have successful teachers.
Too many students are bored… I really have a problem hearing this all the time when I know what we are saying is fundamentally and pedagogically WRONG! Why does it have to be this way! It doesn’t… I don’t do it, never have.  I am firm believer that teaching is one of the easiest jobs to do, but one of the hardest jobs to be good at doing. This is because what most teachers are doing is not teaching!

Dr. M shared story about physics teacher with lack of accurate grading on test and how the contentious issue arose with union.

Tonight Gerry and Derrick shared with us their presentation on the articles they read from their absences. They began with a picture of a boy dressed as a "baseball hoodlum" in my perception. I shared although I may have mental judgements, I would not act any differently with the child...after all he is a child and just in dress. Why would I? Would I treat a picture of a preppy boy in his BWM differently...NO!
They shared four theories that contribute to this discoure. Cultural, Educational Equality, Institutional Deficiency, and Heredity Theory. Derrick highlighted several "crutch" explanations for the Discourse of Rejection. They include, Cool Pose, Acting White, Raceless Persona, Cultural Ecological, and Stereotype Threat. Best part of the conversation was Gerry's 2 year old wearing Jordan shoes. as a result the students reject the school and "do their own thing." And of course this lends itself to a Discourse of Achievement! For those that were exposed to successful feelings, such as enrichment programs, motivaiton, resilience, agency, self-awareness, and others.

Peter Senge concept of mental model...remember it is the mental model that is the greatest barrier to change...

Sunday, February 5, 2012

3rd class

Although dark and and difficult to get up as my alarm went off at 5:30, but bright and productive once Gerry and I were underway by 8am working on the interpretation of our 4 Questions (of course every time I say that I cant help but think of Passover). The continued analysis of these questions will be followed in future reports. We have decided to compare Board Sense of Effectiveness with Professional Leadership and Board Responsibility.

" take advice from not direction take direction from not advice"

Part II Bolman & Deal
continued thoughts to understand better...
  • understand the limits and needs for interpersonal skills and how they impede [lack of] growth
  • power and decision making is defined by a series of sources for power including position, control, reputation, expertise, and limits to information provided.
  • a political skill set requires a vision, understanding of where agents of influence are, ability to identify relevant relationships and knowledge of bargaining and negotiating
  • who is Ross F. Johnson and how he changed the landscape of corporate buyouts through ruthless power development. Consider reading book Barbarians at the Gate: The Fall of RJR Nabisco
  • be prepared to understand the symbols and cultures of the company so you can answer the real question..."what is the fundamental belief at my school."
  • Chris makes a clever analogy of test prep to training for an obstacle course.
  • consider always disaggregation the environments data and determine who is in and who is not
  • the glass ceiling can limit ones own growth, but also can determine why one limits growth
In conclusion I felt excited about reading this book. It was written with relevance to all leaders and practical examples. I look forward to rereading soon for the purpose of my own edification.

Look into Daniel H. Pink Drive & A Whole New Mind

Just received my observation report back from Dr. M and he nailed my own feelings regarding my presentation in the bottom comment about keeping the author alive in my presentation.  I consciously did not, so much that I even used other companies and visuals than those referenced in the chapters. It is something I should re-evaluate and consider giving more appropriate credit. I also understand the need to recognize the frames of reference as they relate to an individuals experience and ability to provide support for the organization.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

2nd class PM

discussions to continue...
  • we need to look at organizations from multiple frames
  • "clear, well-understood goals, roles & relationships and adequate coordination are essential to organizational performance," therefore putting the right people in the right roles and relationship is essential
  • what is the hierarchy within an organization, vertical vs. lateral, formal authority vs. networks
  • Feidler..."the organization should be as the need of the task" therefore, incorporate situational leadership!
  • frames of structural configuration, vary based on roles of hierarchy and tasks of subordinates within their "teams role"...through training
  • employee motivation is related to Maslow hierarchy, Theory X and Y, repetition of tasks, labor union influence and ability to outsource
  • concept of teamwork being feudalistic is archaic, needs more equity with accountability
  • diversity provides a competitve advantage amongst the members for success
Look further into the work of Scott Page and his book Differentiation and understadn how it relates to Reframing Organizations...redefines the way we understand ourselves in relation to one another. The Difference is about how we think in groups--and how our collective wisdom exceeds the sum of its parts. Why can teams of people find better solutions than brilliant individuals working alone? And why are the best group decisions and predictions those that draw upon the very qualities that make each of us unique? The answers lie in diversity--not what we look like outside, but what we look like within, our distinct tools and abilities.

2nd class AM

I shared my desire to seek the need for timely data analysis to teachers with Dr. M and the class he suggested I pursue it in the are of MATH...that is quite an appropriate topic in lieu of the media and my understanding that one of the best indicators of success are a child's math ability...even more support for the use of NWEA and the Mathematician Lament....why math, interesting it is a topic that is primarily taught at school, unlike language and reading! I think this general statement of furture pursuit could be the most startling challenge and redirection in my area of focus for the last few months, tu Dr. M! Amazing, just like Bolman and Deal say, from simple to complex, based on my schemata verse that of Dr. M's.
We are now discussing Managing Oneself by Peter Drucker. Intriguing to discuss the stregths and weaknesses of ourselves. I have considered this is something many administrators are threatened by. Too often it is a competitive industry and the assumption is "I must know that because I am the boss." Examples include understand your strentghs, work on to improve your strengths, welcome feedback, limit your arrogance, remedy your bad habits, and beaware of your manners. Critically ask myself, do I mange my work with others well, or do I work better as a loner?